Obsolescence can be a significant cost driver and impacts equipment at all stages of the acquisition process.

Early identification of obsolescence risk allows a wider range of options to be considered and consequently reduces the actual cost of resolution. The rate of obsolescence is increasing and the financial and availability risks to equipment will continue to require careful management to reduce through life costs. There is clear evidence that a robust Obsolescence Management strategy, can significantly reduce such costs and interruption to supply.

Obsolescence to installed and future Subsea Production Control Systems (SPS) is therefore a significant concern to the industry as there is an ever increasing demand to extend the operating life of equipment. While the largest risk is with electronics and electro/mechanical items the requirement is to manage all types of parts used in the design, manufacture and support of SPSs and associated topside equipment.

One intention of the JIP was to make available a practice that could be freely used by any/all operators in the oil industry, as required, with the intention that a common practice used by all would minimise the different types of methods being managed within the major suppliers.